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NHLDA is the State affiliate of LDA of America, Inc. A grassroots organization, NHLDA provides programs, practical information and support for parents, professionals and individuals with learning disabilities.





Promoting Emotional Wellness for Safer Schools and Communities through Collaboration and Communication

Dr. Teresa Bolick:

Thanks to all of you who had the opportunity to attend our fall conference!  Dr. Teresa Bolick, a licensed psychologist and behavioral specialist, effectively presented strategies to use with students who are challenged by emotional/behavioral difficulties.  Dr. Bolick's website offers a wealth of information on this topic!  http://www.thebolickhouse.com/



The Healthy Children Project

Learning Disabilities Association of America

The LDA’s Healthy Children Project is dedicated to reducing the effects of environmental contaminants on brain development, especially in children. A growing body of research indicates that many learning and behavior problems are linked to toxic chemicals which are widespread in the environment and products, and to which we are exposed on a daily basis.

LDA Annual International Conference


February 19 -22, 2014, Anaheim, CA.  This is the largest meeting on learning disabilities in the world, featuring over 200 workshops and exhibits!

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