Add about 1 shot of raki (preferably grape raki). Raki has a subtle taste of aniseed and it can be tempting to drink the whole bottle but before you knock back glass after glass, be aware that the alcohol content is 40%. this family gathering to celebrate Dormition Day. We drink it when we go out to dinner. Yup, you read that right! When Raki is sold in stores from small villages like this, there’s no label on the bottle specifying how much alcohol is actually in the beverage; however it’s usually around 40-45%. October is grape harvesting month in Greece… and the Greeks don’t just harvest the grapes. document.getElementById("youtube_single_player_container_22").style.width="100%"; You take the leftover grapes, vines and leaves after they have been stomped out (to make wine) and then boil the mixture inside the chamber and cap at the top of a Kazani. top:0px; The addition of water turns the drink a cloudy white, which is where the nickname “lion’s milk” comes from. Copper moonshine still and woods affect the taste of Rakia. Raki is some serious stuff. It is then filtered and tested for the alcohol percentage. I'm half Greek but I have no problem to say raki is Turkish. if(0==0 ||0==0){ 'autohide': 1, It’s commonly served when people gather together to have fun or celebrate something. }); Raki is served in a small narrow glass that is specifically used for the drink. In the end we went three or four rounds of raki together with the host. Raki (definite Albanian form: rakia) (a type of rakia) is a traditional drink in Albania. Raki is always consumed with chilled water -- although some raki drinkers say ice diminishes the flavor of the drink. width:70px; 'autoplay': 0, videoId : 'qPft786Ksug', width:100%; Drinking rakı in Turkey involves a ceremony, some traditions, and a good amount of pleasure. The Raki cauldron is consisted of three basic parts. document.getElementById("youtube_single_player_container_23").style.width="640px"; Required fields are marked *. How to drink raki. ''The best accompaniment to Raki is good conversation.'' (Say Tamam!, tah-MAHM, “okay,” when the waiter has poured … } Raki is an anise seed drink, like ouzo as Jo says or pastis for the French, you either drink it pure or diluted with water. Though distillers often mix the honey into the Raki before bottling, you can also make it yourself with plain Raki. border:0px solid #009BE3; and prosperity (Şerefinize!). The Kazani boils the grape mixture from a natural fire below. If you can’t find raki anywhere, try getting any distilled liquor from grapes (try without additional flavors at first) i.e. 'color': 'red' // red, white Me, of course. First they boil in the rakokazano, as it is called, the must and the stems that have remained from wine making. position:absolute; Cheers! Raki is an anise seed drink, like ouzo as Jo says or pastis for the French, you either drink it pure or diluted with water. } } position:relative; Ahhh Brussels, Belgium… but what about Bruges?! When you drink raki, an anise-flavored spirit, part of a family that includes ouzo and pastis, you embark on a communal experience. top:0px; }else{ }); It’s known as a social sipping aperitif here in Greece, but some people like to drink a little more than just the “normal” few small shot glasses after dinner. jQuery("#youtube_single_player_container_22 .thumbnail_block").css({display:'none'}); enablejsapi : 1, The distillation process often taking 3 hours or so and becomes a celebration in which family and friends bring food and sample the drink as it is being made. To make this alcohol at home, you will need to use a copper alembic still. var tag = document.createElement('script'); Step 3: Dissolve two pounds of sugar in boiling water, then pour this over the raisin mash. Report inappropriate content . It is made from tsipouro, sugar and spices but contains more spices than rakomelo and is served at room temperature. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ Most people do dilute it with water although some drink it only with ice. #youtube_single_player_container_23 .thumbnail_block { The Kazani boils the grape mixture from a natural fire below. It’s that time of year again! Originally developed as an alternative to absinthe, raki — its still potent cousin — is popular in Greece, Bosnia and other Balkan countries and is called the national drink … You can buy very good raki in Turkey but in Greece too. If you’re drinking lightly with one or two friends, ask forbir otuzbeşlik rakı (BEER OH-tooz-BESH-leek, a 35-cl half-bottle). Above, a kadeh (drink glass) of lion’s milk kept chilled in a silver ice collar, ready to be sipped while eating kebap. What I didn’t realize is that when the Raki first starts to accumulate and pour out of the nozzle, it’s much higher in concentration… thus leading to a higher alcohol percentage. ythw22(); Dubbed as a South Slavic version of Vodka, it’s a drink that will make you forget all other drinks. You will find it in mountainous areas, even at ski resorts (yes Greece has them, 80% of Greece is mountainous). Aquavit, anisette, absinthe, ouzo, pastis, raki, and sambuca are just some of the anise-flavored alcohols from around the world. }); How to do Amsterdam right – Special Edition. A Kazani (Kah-Zaa-Knee) is a special contraption specifically made to make Raki. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Vibrant Culture. Note the double-layered glass with icebetween the outer and inner glass to keep the cocktail chilled. Raki has 45-50% alcohol content. Enjoy raki socially with other people while having a good conversation. I’ve mentioned Raki (Raw-Ke) in several of my posts throughout the summer but never had the chance to see how it’s actually made… until now! Raki with Honey – A Recipe. Step 5: Ferment until the mixture is dry. 'autoplay': 0, It dates back to the fourteenth century. Raki, the anise flavoured drink of Turks sometimes referred to as lion's milk. Being created in the 18th century, the drink was constantly improved and reached its top form in the following century. Ratio in the glass depends on the drinker, 50% Raki – 50% Water is always safe, but the real best is 65% Raki … Turkish alcoholic beverage with a strong aniseed flavor. If you are not able to find raki, you can try making this with grappa (although I’m sure a Cretan person would not approve). He showed us how to drink it. The drink is created by combining Cretan raki with honey (Melo) and adding spices like cinnamon and cloves before drinking it warm. }, It’s not for the faint of heart, though. It really can’t get any more Greek than that! There are a lot of commercial Raki that are popular. #youtube_single_player_container_23 .thumbnail_block .play { It is part and parcel of everyday life here, and somehow Bulgaria wouldn't be the same without it. After you’ve eaten far too much, the main course of kebap or fish arrives, to be followed by a dessert/sweet, fruit and Turkish coffee. In the end we went three or four rounds of raki together with the host. #youtube_single_player_23 { You can also learn helpful drinking tips, like how to open a bottle without an opener, chill drinks quickly, and much more! ythw22(); cursor:pointer; jQuery("#youtube_single_player_container_22 .thumbnail_block").on("click",function(){ Ракия ) is considered to be the national drink in Bulgaria and all the other Slavic Balkan nations. We feasted on delicious homemade Greek cuisine and conversed with the wonderful family that welcomed us in. There is the pot, the lid and a pipe, used for the transfer of the steam. It’s especially popular in Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, B&H, Macedonia and Montenegro, however it found it’s way to the hearts of non-Slavic nations in Balkans as well, like Romania, Albania and similar. There is a large family of alcohol beverages that is comprised of anise-based drinks. height:100%; Here’s how to drink rakı: a clear, straight, narrow glass called a kadeh is filled 1/3 or 1/2 with raki, then diluted with water and/or ice to suit the drinker’s taste. max-width:none; left:0px; While sipping rakı and nibbling meze, there’s good conversation, much humor, and many toasts to your companions’ health (Afiyet olsun!) It should be drunk slowly, sip by sip; a glass of Raki contains approximately 6-7 shots of a regular alcoholic drink. Some people drink raki straight (it’s then served with chilled water in a separate glass and referred to as sek); but most drink it mixed with chilled water in which case it turns cloudy. It takes about 3 to 4 men to operate and produce Raki. The traditional tipple is raki, a strong aniseed based spirit, which is sometimes known as lion's milk. jQuery(window).on("resize",function(){ box-sizing:content-box; height:100%; Glad you had your baptism finally in Raki drinking! Additionally, it is often made with cloves and best suited for chilly weather and in the evenings. 'theme': 'dark', // dark, light This particular Kazani was built in the year 1911 and has been in working service for the village ever since. It’s almost always done with friends and lots of good food. var w=document.getElementById("youtube_single_player_container_22").offsetWidth; The Greek moonshine that gives you the ultimate fire breath. But you can still make a similar drink in a classic moonshine still at home. document.getElementById("youtube_single_player_container_22").style.height=w*0.56+"px"; Rakia is Bulgaria's national drink. Always drink it with food. 'rel': 0, } }); Report inappropriate content . var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; }, Anyway to drink raki alone is not very desirable, it would be better to accompany the drink with black olives, white cheese ( Feta chees alike) at least, but it is a drink well suited with a fish dish and some meze (appetizer). playerVars:{ margin-bottom:5px; It’s almost always done with friends and lots of good food. Many people like anise-flavoured raki. Pour raki and wine on top of ice in the glass. Visitors to Turkey often wonder what that milky stuff in narrow glasses is and leave without a taste. Only the fruit ripe enough to make rakia falls out of the tree, after which it is all collected. 3. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 'showinfo': 1, Raki is made by putting grape skins, pulp, and seeds into a barrel and letting the ingredients ferment for about a month. top:0px; #youtube_single_player_container_23 .thumbnail_block .thumb { } }); Fascinating! ythw23(); Grape and plum rakias are the two most traditional varieties, but Bulgarians make rakia out of whatever is readily available and cheap – apple, pear, peach, apricot, and cherry rakias are all popular in certain parts of the country. (Say Tamam!,tah-MAHM, “okay,” when the waiter has poured enough water and/or ice.). blue07. Step 2: Add ¼ teaspoon of tannin powder and 1 tablespoon of acid blend. 'iv_load_policy': 1, // annotations, 1=on, 3=off One thing before carrying on, Turkish Rakia is not Rakia if you have not tried Raki/Rakia. It’s usually always offered on the house at every taverna. #youtube_single_player_container_23 { var w=640; Organic raki infused with strawberry, orange, almond and coffee are available to try. overflow:hidden; Follow these 3 simple steps & ENTER by Saturday, November 12th 2016 to WIN! }. Origin: Raki is originally from Turkey and ouzo is Greek. Drinking rakı in Turkey involves a ceremony, some traditions, and a good amount of pleasure. position:absolute; Raki, which you’ll find in Crete, and tsipouro, very common in the mainland – both distilled spirits very much like American moonshine – contain up to 45% alcohol. Grapes, leaves and vines included; and it’s all turned into delicious Greek wine, tasty dolmadakias (stuffed grape leaves) and last but not least, Raki (also known as Tsikoudia in Crete). z-index:5; Make Juice. If you’re traveling in eastern Europe, chances are you’ll come across raki at a restaurant or gathering. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 1. It has a very high alchohol content and is made by distillation of fermented fruits like plums, grapes, apples, quinces and other. Rakı is sold by the drink (kadeh), in small 17-cl glass pitchers, in half-bottles (35 cl) and full bottles (70 cl). This Kazani is operated by the men of the family – in this case it’s three generations deep! function onYouTubeIframeAPIReady(){ While the grape mixture is boiling in the Kazani chamber, steam is produced from a water supply that sits in a deep basin. The fresh grape derived raki is considered to be higher quality. Raki is always consumed with chilled water -- although some raki drinkers say ice diminishes the flavor of the drink. }); Raki is an anise flavored spirit native to Turkey made from double distilling pomace (the leftover skins and seeds from winemaking, called suma in Turkish) in a pot still, then flavoring the resulting spirit with aniseed. 35 gorgeous photos of Balos Beach & Gramvousa Island! z-index:6; Raki is not for everyone, though. jQuery("#youtube_single_player_container_23 .thumbnail_block").css({display:'none'}); A traditional rakı sofrası (“rakı table”) bears dozens of meze(MEH-zeh, Turkish hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, salads, cheeses, etc.) 4. sealing the Kazani cap back up with a flour/yeast mixture which turns into a gasket. . It's traditional Turkish drink. ythw23(); Indeed, every bar, restaurant, or even rest stop serves the stuff for as little as 40 cents a glass. videoId : 'uSzM1xkk5aU', You can adjust the drink to have less alcohol if you so prefer. Belinda @zomppa says . The “Istanbul” cocktail, for example, is a smooth blend of rakı, orange liqueur, lime and pomegranate juice. [2] X Research source Depending on where you live, it may be hard to find raki to purchase. He showed us how to drink it. [3] Rakia is deeply connected to the Albanian tradition and as such it is produced everywhere in Albania, sometimes professionally and sometimes in an artisanal way. Rakia ( cyr. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Your email address will not be published. The glass is half filled with raki and ice or water completes the rest. vertical-align:middle filling up the Kazani with a new grape mixture, filling it up a little more, (that’s a whole lotta grape!). 2. Originally developed as an alternative to absinthe, raki — its still potent cousin — is popular in Greece, Bosnia and other Balkan countries and is called the national drink … The fire is lit beneath the cauldron and the marc starts simmering. position:absolute; 'fs': 1, Add some water if you want it light. Rakı (rah-KUH) is clear brandy made from grapes and raisins, flavored with pungent anise.Most is quite potent (80- to 100-proof/40% to 50% alcohol) and thus usually diluted with water and sipped with snacks or meals. The most traditional drink I know is the Albanian Raki and it is commonly served to the older male visitors although there are some places that still serve Maize or Ouzo too. (Where a European or North American will sip wine with a meal, most Turks will sip rakı.) } width:640px; document.getElementById("youtube_single_player_container_22").style.width="640px"; max-width:none; Sometimes it’s served in a small shot glass, don't do it like you would drink any other … At restaurants you can let the waiter know how much for a stronger or weaker drink. 1. 'showinfo': 1, Albanian Raki is a strong liquor so please make sure you drink responsibly. Ouzo is very strong; drinking it on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea. Next on the way was raki – a 53% alcoholic beverage made of plums, a cure to all diseases in Albania, as they say here. display:block; Step 1: Soak two pounds of raisins overnight. Do drink it accompanied by a small plate or two of mezedes– the Greek version of tapas. Copyright © 2002-2019 by Turkey Travel Planner, LLC. They all have a strong alcohol flavor, a very present anise taste, and they crystallize or change color when mixed with other liquids. It is said that the warmth and the infusion of herbs from rakomelo help to soothe coughs, colds, and sore throats. Thirsty Turks sip 60 million liters of rakı each year, mostly with meals. Top. Though distillers often mix the honey into the Raki before bottling, you can also make it yourself with plain Raki. var youtube_single_player_22; aguardiente, pisco, grappa, palinka etc. Making Raki is a complete reduce, reuse, recycle process. 'autohide': 1, display:none; var w=640; Then, the stafylla is distilled in special cauldron. Below, an “Istanbul” rakı cocktail at Seraser Restaurant, Antalya. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Posted on Nov 4th, 2015 by My Albanian Food Give it time. Learn how your comment data is processed. Rain clouds, hot cocoa, cozy sweaters and of course, the holidays! jQuery("#youtube_single_player_container_23 .thumbnail_block").on("click",function(){ Any chance of getting an addendum with how they flavor it? A Kazani (Kah-Zaa-Knee) is a special contraption specifically made to make Raki. A similar drink is baked raki, which originates from the island of Amorgos in the Cyclades. You can either serve it hot or chill it … Ingredients: Fruits (plums, grapes, apricots) – 20 kilos; Water – 5-10 liters; To make Rakia you’ll need ripe or overripe raw materials without any spoilt or moldy parts. Some Raki makers will add wild herbs such as Thyme or Rosemary, others will sweeten the clear liquid with honey making it a rich golden colour. The reason why I like it? That has definitely been on my mind… I’ll look into it further and see if I can catch someone still making Raki! Color: Both raki and ouzo turn white when water is added, which is why they are often equated or mistaken for one another, as per a paper published by Prof. Dr. R Ertan Anli. min-width:100%; This is a drink that is usually served warm. jQuery(window).on("resize",function(){ (sheh-REHF-ee-nee-ZEH, “In your honor!”) is the proper toast. The fresh grape derived raki is considered to be higher quality. Finally pour the lime juice carefully over the mixture and serve. } After first tip, a light breath should be taken between the teeth, for lungs to take the advantage of Raki. For many generations rakia has been made in the Bulgarian villages, just like its younger sibling - wine. It’s organic and pure. but the two essentials are salty white sheeps’-milk cheese (beyaz peynir) and sweet yellow melon(kavun). Both rakomelo and baked raki are available as bottled drinks. if(jQuery("#youtube_single_player_container_22").parent().width()