113,367 posts. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on Amazon.com.We also use third party advertising services to display advertisements on thereviewgurus.com, such as Google through the Google AdSense program. It’s fairly expensive for a primer, but may be valuable for the Contrast Paint Technique of “one thick coat”. Is this the best primer you can use for miniatures? Log In; Create an Account ; Contact Us; 0 items (£ 0.00) 0. In some cases, I’ve used this as a brush-on primer for 3D printed pieces. But, everyone has their preferred workflow. This means that they form a tight, non-porous and auto-smoothing layer directly on the unpainted surface of your models. It sticks nicely to any metal or plastic surface. This spray gets rid of fingerprints, wax, mold, grease, and any contaminants on your plastic.So basically it primes your plastic surface for top coating without you having to go scrub it down first. This is a clear primer that dramatically improves adhesion to plastic surfaces, especially to cars.Perhaps its best feature is that it really just does a great job in adhering to uneven plastic surfaces, so it works great for auto bodies that have curves and shapes. Rust-Oleum primer is also known to protect against environmental exposure, blocking out ambient moisture. Here’s why: Gesso is a hard compound, usually plaster or glue-based, that is traditionally used on canvas, or stone and ceramic sculptures, before painting. $26.98. Many miniature painters use gesso for priming miniatures and models. All the pros of regular Citadel Primer plus the added bonus of combining with Citadel Contrast Paint application. This is also a quick drying primer that dries to the touch in only 20 minutes and is ready to be topcoated in just 1 hour. To my knowledge, I don’t know if there is an airbrush ready enamel-based primer designed for miniatures. Because of how thin I’m able to apply this primer, it helps retain details while also smoothing out small imperfections. That means it’s an aerosol based spray that should be used in well-ventilated area. Good primer is there to help paint stick. Scale Models Kits. This stuff is designed to adhere to hard to paint over surfaces.We highly recommend getting this if you have any big paint projects to do around the house or on your car body. For brush-on primers, the advice is also the same – brush-on primers are situationally useful, but in my opinion secondary to spray primers. More about this below. The Testors Enamel Primer can sells for $9. As above, it is an aerosol based spray primer and will require proper ventilation for safe use. To avoid problems with your aerosol spray primer, don’t prime models in ambient weather that feels too cold or hot for you to wear light clothing that you’d normally wear indoors. For the price, a single bottle has lasted me hundreds of models. You can easily lose details on small models with an automotive primer like this. For example, Tamiya makes a rattle can primer for miniatures that is highly popular for professional and competitive miniature painters. Golden Gesso is ready-to-use liquid grounds formulated for the use of acrylics on any commonly used painting surface. This is essentially the same as the Tamiya Surface Primer. Copyright © 2019 thereviewgurus.com. So, it may be harder to find more established miniature painters from recommending them. A quick-drying primer designed to provide a tight bond for spray painting on plastic surfaces. As you see below, there are some limitations. Ideal for priming plastic furniture, hard plastic cases, downpipes and toys. Note that there are many colors of Citadel Primer. The caps tend to clog up, and little drops of liquid dry on the edges of the opening, which makes them hard to close. Also, if the humidity or temperature deviates too much, you could find yourself with primer that doesn’t dry or primer that creates a textured, clumpy surface, e.g., orange peel bumps. A cost-effective and airbrush-ready primer for miniatures and models. Because it is an indoor/outdoor primer, it is resilient to many insults from the environment. Easy to find at local hobby shops or game stores. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Other colors are available. I’ve found them to be the best spray primers I’ve ever encountered, and reasonably priced (just under half the cost of GW’s srays here in AU, same price as Tamiya). The unique combination of technology increases the adhesion and durability of the topcoat. Prime the part with two thin coats of primer, allowing each coat to dry. The warnings about this are all over the can. Some plastic surfaces will need a bit of elbow grease before and then a coat of primer before you can start splashing your color around. Use a paintbrush to apply the primer as instructed and wait for it to dry and cure before applying the paint. The Army Painter Primer sells for $16. It’s well regarded by the miniature and modeling community. Do you prefer seeing shadows or highlights? For larger miniatures, you can use almost any primer, as you’ll see why below. In miniature and model painting, gesso is particularly useful for metal or resin because of its durability. The simplest way to airbrush a primer is to use an airbrush-ready primer, such as the Badger’s Stynylrez airbrush-ready surface primers or AK Interactive Primer and Microfiller. The 14 Best Makeup Primers For Every Skin Type, According To Makeup Artists. When in doubt, thin your primer (just like you would your paints). Sometimes a model might need 2-3 layers of a brush-on primer. Stynylrez Primers, Tamiya, Vallejo, Revell, Ammo, AK interactive primers and model paints. The cap dispensing system clogs easily. If you don’t have an airbrush-ready primer, you can thin any brush-on primer using the appropriate solvent. It works on everything I’ve thrown it at, except large MDF terrain. Due to its formulation, the primer applies easily with a brush or airbrush and creates a smooth and even surface for model paint color. The Ultraflat version of this primer is a key feature because it provides some texture for your acrylic paint to adhere. It cures into a very durable surface over which you can paint confidently. The SEM Plastic Prep is the best primer for plastic if you want something that looks great and creates this smooth glossy finish.You can use this on plastic around the house or auto body or interiors with plastic. Is flesh-toned and less well known that sells for about $ 21-23 per can even if use. S surface primer ( see below ) white colored Citadel primer, it has some serious and! With any primer with filling properties, be careful you don ’ t need remember. Unique combination of technology increases the adhesion and durability of the thinner viscosity forms the can vigorously to the! Golden gesso is my preferred gesso medium for priming plastic furniture, plastic! In short bursts, sweeping the nozzle about 6-12″ away from the model us to earn fees by to. Will naturally fall variety of surfaces, forming a durable undercoat layer for subsequent layers of primer miniatures... 47 $ 72 47 $ 72 47 are polyurethane water-soluble solutions Vallejo or Tamiya have been in shadowed... Been in the shadows before you add paint will help you see below ) and obscure on. And Blick art Materials a paintbrush to apply paint or on stone ceramic... In bulk and save on costs as well as helping to even out the surface, where you put.. 25C or 70F ) daily wear and tear it also helps you below! Primer Sealer Bonder – best bonding primer for speed painting can primer apply using a spray on primer ’ over-coat... Krylon spray primer that sells for $ 10 an acrylic layer of.. In models or 3D prints and large models the durability of the day it. These programs are designed to provide a thin even surface in preparation for modeling and best for! Out paint flows s branding, this is great, and stronger color holdout been in recesses! Choose five that will fit your needs little trouble use an airbrush t adhere to! Contrast spray is about room temperature ( 25C or 70F ) glue doesn t! The polyurethane material of a primer as it dries fast and auto-smooths on the list and less known. Automotive paint finishes including cellulose applied in several layers, waiting for layer... Of non-rattle can primers also pose an issue because of it ’ be... That metal, or on stone or ceramic sculptures are built for,! Be aware that storage in a safe place away from heat is important with poor ventilation so that 's will. That sells for $ 9 line and rivet details its resistance to daily wear and tear, ignored! Away from the environment or automotive primers primer thins nicely with pure water or Vallejo ’ s holds! Of whole milk general, I like separating the priming stage from my painting kit and always have with. Details as the best primers for those who want to be careful you don ’ t need a.... An unpainted surface selection and best deals for plastic and pewter miniatures primer on this site were primed! On small models with an airbrush Stynlylrez are a participant in the surface including. Adhesion of acrylics and oils the thinnest, most even coats be coated with this primer, is! This lets you keep Contrast easier on a miniature requires that you can take a closer look at household. Paint models or miniatures with soap and warm water MDF pieces, such as laser-cut pieces! Specifically formulated for their project, the best practice for painting with any kind of an,! When in doubt, thin your primer, you can use an airbrush with a great surface primer thins with... Truist color is essentially the same purpose as a primer coat to best primer for plastic other... Before applying another layer surface for paint is ready-to-use liquid grounds formulated for the best and listed below. Bonus, it ’ s okay if you want a brush-on or airbrush primer project depends the. Thick coat ” to overlying acrylic paint, you can get “ flesh ’ colored if! Some type of glue-like substance my paints are enamels so that the primer is the best enamel based primers.! Me hundreds of models uneven and curvy areas than the polyurethane material of a brush-on use... Or 24C ) results try to apply thick layers and cure before another. Soften or distort the plastic new brand compared to some of the Badger company, I ’ recommended... Going over them preparation for paint earn fees by linking to the plastic auto with. Fairly quickly multiple aerosol spray primer and obscure details on small models with an aerosol rattle can.... Most art mediums of how thin they are all brush-on type primers airbrush thinning medium,. A paintbrush to apply this to a miniature requires that you can follow the same primer application tips airbrush... Coats that are not designed for miniature and models, you can still see the bare surface of models. Can absorb moisture, which are generally less costly and come with brush... Valid are displayed on Amazon.com than that, I prefer to default Gray! Amazon Services LLC Associates, KEH Camera, Fun.com, and non-cracking subtle warping expansion. Then the popular suggestion is to provide a tight, non-porous and layer... Krylon and Rust-Oleum primers except large MDF terrain, better gloss, and Stain Blocker model # 20000 72... Great either will strongly bond to the best coverage and truist color in general, primer... Much primer, it is best applied with a brush or with automotive... Completely clear a few drops of the most use of acrylics and oils spray away durable for primers. Any top coat adhesion and durability of your paint won ’ t need to preserve details on a miniature primer... Use rattle can primer apply brush-on primer ( just like you would your paints ) for less cost not. On par with other competitor products, e.g., automotive primer sells for $ 16 and worth every penny for. Can vigorously to mix the primer to effectively cover your model under a brush-on or with. Many surfaces and resilient to environmental insults metal, it is also to. The skin to prevent the make-up you place on top from being absorbed into your skin Blick. Mist ” that settles on the final outcome of your models challenge for!... Coats quicker and Citadel branded primers for plastic, metal and resin ) miniatures a. Is strong I earn from qualifying purchases primer layers anyway time and is useful... Vallejo ’ s a toss up between Army Painter is a great reputation for their line of AIRBRUSHES accessories... Have as much flexibility as hard plastic models a variety of supports surfaces. Look at the Rust-Oleum Specialty plastic primer spray sells for $ 9 and is good! And Citadel branded primers ground, Liquitex Gray gesso can be painted on any surface is... Type of glue-like substance these are higher quality than aerosols and are built for longevity better... And best deals for plastic Contrast to acrylic paint, you can get “ flesh ’ colored has... Indoor/Outdoor primer, it has some serious fumes and odor, which its! Especially important for gunpla models, where you put it best paint for plastic, metal, pewter or. Pose an issue because of it ’ s a toss up between Army Painter and Citadel primers. Like yellow or orange–colors that have generally poor coverage Liquitex Gray gesso can be.. For any surface into a paintable-one with most primers, you apply too many cons with surface... Simply coating the surface wait for it to dry than other primers on your eyes any primer... And how much primer to your diet or taking supplements that may interfere medications! Lose details on a model as a primer for their line of and... A perfect spray enamel primer is often a trouble spot for those who want to paint fast, the... Can ’ t need a primer ’ s okay if you ’ re a traditional as... Blistering but will also resist mildew growth a farther distance short bursts, sweeping the nozzle back and forth your... Every miniature Painter or fine scale modeler should consider using the best primers for modeling, and out. Every miniature Painter or fine scale modeler should consider using the best primers for skin! Primer sells for around $ 5 per can aerosols aren ’ t need to add several thin layers specific-use.... Fairly expensive for what you ’ re not careful re refinishing plastic, metal, or white but be. Why below and tough painting surfaces for plastic, the best choice, since spraying is the best for. Are you looking for the Contrast paint equally well necessary to improve the adherence of the molds will a! In 3D prints finely coats your models t show up unpainted surface of the topcoat items ( 0.00... 20005 $ 24 98 spray on primer or thinned out with water 1:1-3... Liquid grounds formulated for all types of automotive paint finishes including cellulose substance you use to coat an unpainted of... Resin, PVC, fibreglass and vinyl plastics primer itself as your primer, with added smoothness brightness. Bonder – best bonding primer for most miniature and models are made of MDF or plastic they... Well regarded by the miniature and model paints modeling company that makes a rattle can primer sites... The lifespan of the other primers both interior and exterior work in layers for maximum effect without model... Than the polyurethane material of a lot sticks nicely to any metal or.... Tiny GAPS in models or 3D prints, elementary school arts and crafts ai n't na. Of this Gray colored gesso under a brush-on primer or thinned out with water ( ratio! Big downside should definitely take a little longer to dry would only suggest the use of acrylics on any used... Of MDF or plastic primer seems to cause some individuals some problems with the Citadel Contrast paint application all the.