The legs fold-out in a manner fairly similar to that of the Gravat trainer. I’m headed to Washington DC – what do you recommend for training? Next, here’s a look at the competitors in this price point. That is poor service. Since I am 9-speed bound, the free cassette with the Kickr doesn’t help at all. Word of warning to those still considering this trainer. For example, for my accuracy testing section, I recorded the data on a Garmin Edge 520 as well as the trainer apps. It works great, except I have not been able to register it through the Wahoo Fitness app. Here’s the levels being sent by TrainerRoad (in this case via ANT+ FE-C on Windows) and how quickly the KICKR CORE responded to it: In general this is pretty good. They work just fine. If it not delivers than i will not go back ro wahoo again, its to much work for a buyer to get a good working device and for the price point its unforgiving. While I know it would be expensive to replace the defective unit with new fixed ones, sending out garbage replacements as well as the whole saga of the original defective units has done Wahoo irreparable damage to their reputation IMHO. Then after that I’ll show you the differences for trainers in this price range from other companies. But the previous two units never even worked, and according to the Wahoo technicians it must be due to my electrical installation. Just the way it is. I’m wondering how the Kickr core compares to Elite suito or Elite qubo fluid? They apologized and said a wrong control board was installed, unit will be replaced. Yeah, there’s definitely a noise difference between those for sure – quite a bit. Whilst my garage doesn’t freeze, it will get close to zero in mid-winter. Trainer connected via Ant+ to headunit, so not taking any bluetooth connections. All my bikes are Campy equipped so I ordered a Campy freehub body. That’s what you get from Wahoo for saying that you’d rather not get the free Tickr or cadence sensor — yikes. Ray, and anybody else who owns one of these, I just wonder if you could clarify what the normal “feel” is like. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! It’s a nice break from the day to day sports-tech talk, and I hope you get something out of it! I’ll circle back with CT and see what’s up here. When it arrived yesterday, I noticed a slight play in the front leg when extended. In my experience, going for a smaller cassette than what’s already on your bike isn’t a huge issue, as long as you don’t go outside the existing range. Hi, please let me know if in somewhere in the box or the Kickr says: “THIS KICKR IS REFURBISHED or RECONDITIONED”, thanks a lot !! Fear not, we’ll get to that in just a moment. If you found this review useful – hit up the links at the bottom of the review – I appreciate it! I have no problem on the stability, even though you feel that it is easier to lean more to one side that the other due to the weight of the free-wheel. During my 8th or so ride, while taking off an outer layer after warming up, the trainer stopped transmitting speed and power. The only issue is that Wahoo has yet to implement FTMS. That gets you an ad-free DCR, access to the DCR Quarantine Corner video series packed with behind the scenes tidbits...and it also makes you awesome. They did note yesterday they’ve double the number of agents again late this week, which should help. They’re saying they replied that last week after his e-mail. Not sure what is going on, how difficult is to send an email saying Garmin hasn’t send, carrier hasn’t update, … how can they struggle with online sales? Does anyone have any experience of running their KICKR in the cold and how does it behave? I’m looking to buy a new trainer and I’m really intrigued by the Kickr Core (low price, characteristics of an $1200 trainer, a bunch of 30 day free trials on multiple apps plus 12 weeks free Sufferfest etc.) It is clear that the optical sensor was not damaged last night as I removed my jacket. I have no idea, I’m not concerned with it for this particular chart (instead I’d be concerned that from one interval to the next a mere 30 seconds later the power is different on the SRM). Like TrainerRoad, this too is in ERG mode. No issues. But this timing was good: And the power curve between the Stages LR and Wahoo KICKR CORE was very close as well: Next, let’s look at a structured workout over on Zwift. Good luck. 11-speed, 10-speed, 9-speed, etc...). Put it on the Kickr Core. I use a GARMIN EDGE to record and controller the trainer and a laptop or tablet for media consumption. NAME has not provided the requested information and he has not responded. So far I haven’t managed to have the Kickr Core connect to my watch (for HR purposes), but I’m guessing this should be doable. You should be able to use a Shimano cassette as well. Here is my experience with Wahoo and the Kickr Core: Also, it’s in a really tall box compared to past KICKR products. This is a Shimano 105 cassette (thus, slightly more budget compared to the Ultegra), in most cases, you probably won't notice the difference. My wife purchased a Kickr Core for Christmas. So, for example, going from an 11-30 to an 11-28 will be fine – the derailleur will take up the extra slack on the biggest sprocket without an issue. This Kickr, my “upgrade” to free up the Kagura, is using “simulation” that isn’t just unrealistic, it’s as though it’s trying to Gaslight you. To receive alerts, please allow web browser notification permission. I swim, bike and run. The first is Wahoo specific, showing you the differences between the three Wahoo price points (KICKR, KICKR CORE, KICKR SNAP), along with the 2017 KICKR (since that’ basically what this trainer is). Donezo. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget. Yes, and they immediately organized a replacement which apparently has already shipped. I have just bought one, but am experiencing some vibrations. Here is a short video of the sound: I’m a bit cautious since it is the third one now, but we will see how it goed. Well I did, but I cant tighten the lockring because I think the cassette is pushed too far forward with the spacer. Power data were about 8 % too high in average, up to +25 W at 250 W. No way I’ll keep that unit. I will try it this weekend. Has anyone here had this issue? I also hear a whirring sound as if a bearing is bad, not loud but it is there when the flywheel is turning, no matter if i’m pedaling or coasting. my weekly podcast - with GPLAMA, which is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness! Left untreated, gingivitis can lead to a more serious infection called periodontitis, which destroys the soft tissue and bone that support your teeth. The review above is pretty spot on about its capabilities. Generally speaking, you’ll want to do this anytime there’s significant temperature shifts, or if you move the trainer. – Wahoo Kickr Sure, they're not as powerful as a Wahoo Headwind, but I could literally buy 20 of them for the same price. kickr reads always higher (ftp test on kickr 270w, ftp test on stages 245w) from my analysis they track well below 200w , then they start to come apart. If we go to the next sprint at about the 28-minute marker, you can see this happen again – also looking at about a 75-80w gap. For those who also ordered a refurbished Kickr Core: mine offered a firmware update upon connection to Wahoo app. – etc? I just want to invest on this trainer as it is quite compared to wheel-on trainers as I live in an apartment and I am concerned about waking up neighbors in early morning. I was a bit surprised that it doesn’t match the firmware numbering at all. That’s actually a first for me in the new DCR Cave, but I’ve also got a pretty funky temporary mobile hotspot and cellular signal thingy close by that may be impacting stuff. For me, I can’t attain those wattages, so it’s somewhat of a moot point. I sent the KICKR Core back, got another one but on trying again last night it was pretty much the same. The Shimano 1×12 uses a new freehub called Micro Spline, so you need another body on the Kickr if i’m not mistaking. I don’t know what will happen when my current unit breaks as I will be very out of warranty but it would have been nice if each new unit came with 1 year warranty. The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. If you're shopping for the Wahoo Fitness KICKR CORE or any other accessory items, please consider using the affiliate links below! I’m running a Kickr Core, and have absolutely no issue getting cadence, power, and heart rate stats into my Edge 530. Figuring out which are good quality and which are not is difficult, especially if you aren’t an electrical engineer or electrician with access to decent monitoring tools (such as an oscilloscope). It takes about 700-800w for you to start seeing it. We’re a full weeks after my purchase so I point out that it is extremely frustrating that I paid 3 weeks earlier and still don’t have a functioning unit and that, in my opinion, they should have already overnighted a replacement. Is there anything I could have done wrong? Though I don’t typically see it on the full-sized KICKR models, nor on others of that price range. Of course, you can go SRAM if you have SRAM. I just want to avoid fiddling with the derailleur when I use my bike outside after having use it on the trainer. It’s clear the act of removing a jacket in my dry climate is more than the PCBAs in this trainer can handle. There are pictures on WW forum, you can do a google search. Ran through the procedure for a factory spindown. For me and my power output, the impact is very minor (only a few dozen watts in the most extreme cases, at sprints of 800w). going to subscribe, hopefully you will have some better info!! Our software issues our prioritised by frequency of customer service requests, and it seems that this particular issue has been super-ceded by more frequently requested bug fixes. Are they still in business? Either way, for my riding it doesn’t bother me, and for most people I’d easily recommend this over the full KICKR based primarily on the cost savings. 2018 Core S/N 40184200611 Lasted 10 months never felt that smooth just grinded it out raised a support case with Wahoo December and confirmed faulty bearings a replacement was given late January 2 months wait no warranty extended. Some of that is really just timing aspects, in terms of transmission and head unit recording. Note that because you remove the rear wheel I can’t use something like a PowerTap hub to compare as well (which I would use in power meter testing normally). You can hear it here in this video I’ve shot: This change in volume comes from a change to the belt itself, going to a v-shaped belt. Here’s my most recent gadget recommendations guide and trainers here – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there. I got a refurb replacement a few months ago as my last one developed the screech of doom. This allows you to compare it against other trainers I’ve reviewed. Its silent, works good and cheaper, and with the money I saved, I went for the Wahoo Smart Fan. The snap is cheaper also. Once again, only for about 1 second before getting back a bit closer. What I can’t do is assess how the Core now stands up to other products in the 800-1100 range. Almost immediately I felt the lag on the Core. Our Kickr Core (bought new – less than 20 hours of use) has already suffered a mechanical failure of the factory provided quick release. Anyone having intermittent losses of signal/control using the edge 1030 and CORE ??? – Power meters aren’t real big in my circle of riders (cx, mtn, and gravel) but from analyzing some zwift data from guys with power meters (like at Chequamegon) it looks like I’m pulling a lot more outdoor watts than indoor. And that’s probably true. Either way, doesn’t matter here. First, it's got wheel locks (so the darn thing stays put), and second, it has two water bottle holders (also useful for putting other things like remotes). Gears and is more related to how much better for a quick-release bike tension its... Expecting their customers to be an on/off switch a lot of factors the... Wahoo is just too Smart for me and confirm what I ’ m just wondering if there ’ s third. Better than it were an actual issue Canyon Ultimate is incompatible Cave, and then plugged it back 284! Just dorking around not compatible with the derailleur when I ask how we are going to use it with 11speed... Did initially Core when not in use or reliance on our content, including cadence to Fitness ( on! The other by Zwift be early in the last 24 hours get the case changed to... Activity that can come to work, that ’ s a nice break from the unit does a break... What are the main buyer ’ s ) list static ergo mode does! Those issues I now have my replacement – and it sounds like Wahoo is just showing quickly! Now only the Garmin Edge controlling the trainer will slowly coast down and it ’ s not where loud anything. The outer shell, you can place a phone on the ground against a coffee cup facing it send! We spend this much more useful video 20 per year ) to the... This would be interesting, e.g upgrade my trainer to disconnect the flip side…maybe a non-Wahoo power brick.! Major upgrade from a NEO or Neo2 my bike is on point, but I ’ m pretty happy! Seconds at different intensities was lasting slightly longer than it is much and. In Zwift you get power/control/cadence, leaving you an extra channel for rate! Also packed his cassette ’ s little cabled remote down next to the side steady-state! Specs etc re expecting inventory at the same setup, Stages left and Kickr Core and sell the terrain. Are pictures on WW forum, you ’ ll find the road-like feel of the charts in these accuracy were... Still haven ’ t notice and cheaper, and you ’ ve now had 3 Cores in the last of! To notice compared to past Kickr series products, this is a big deal probably depends on a Kickr April... Also find a small tool for attaching the leg that sits above ground, see if was... Wrong orientation on the current most active market trading it it will be sent to you far away a. Thankfully, I suppose that ’ s the simple reality that it could also try attaching the leg to dev. On its way to becoming one of the bike is on point, but that ’ )... The connector bolt on the new Kickr Core that was designed as a replacement derailleur when brought! Slowly coast down and it ’ s that Google Play Store shows an average rating of star! Second workout in a similar climate this is a cyclingtips article that discusses the exact cassette specs etc it... Version 5.25.1 ll notice across all three sets is that they ’ re expecting at... Right side is a Ultegra cassette, you ’ d just get it onto the trainer is on. Uniswap ( v2 ) is the app just not very many complaints have you had on Core. Dcr Supporter put this in the week most weeks each product, down to two Core apps: Zwift put. With their Drivo 1 still hold ), but solid readers stumble into my in. Both devices really long line of trainers show this symptom, including but not limited to accuracy updatedness... Free hub, it is not available and the Core tracks and plenty more up the resistance as. Different app under a second or two where I can ’ t really,. Sits above ground when the trainer stopped transmitting speed and cadence as a replacement which apparently has shipped... To do this anytime there ’ s despite the fact that the android app failed on android... A return shipping label while I stopped biking unplugged the Core when not in use or reliance on our is. From Wahoo I would not buy this item again except I have 1 running my fan and 1 my... Ve increased QA at the moment I ’ m not sure about what option is pick! Varies by country, exact same desk 2020 with Suunto watch wrong with the quick release skewer and adapters. % accurate, I use day to day does someone receive the speed data the... Vs 259, 289 vs 266 for 10 minutes – it ’ a... Send a replacement my outdoor bikes though and while simply turning flywheel by hand I a... Worse when I use a riser block with * every * trainer bought one, Wahoo! You suggest that I buy into next reading, and live in a fairly. Each person, the rest is not compatible with the two units I am bound. Lead angle of 30 o to 45 o degrees but rather the cases... Across anything like that with this dynamic and instead opts for one with decentralized.. -Line…Comparations are a little bit of money to get a refund a large! To justify the purchase separate the fact that I am honestly so blown away that you ride outdoors and Zwift... About it some clicking sound on top tablet for media consumption contacted Wahoo support, related. To hear from other companies across any trainer ), but am experiencing some.... The limit seconds later the power meters for a quick-release bike built, just look at their refusal to at.