1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - Mentions that adulterers will not inherit the Kingdom of God, yet in Hebrews 11, we see many polygamists listed who inherited the Kingdom of God. That by intermarrying with other families, the bonds of social compact might be strengthened and extended, so that the love of our neighbour, &c., might at once be felt to be not only a maxim of sound policy, but also a very practicable and easy duty; and thus feuds, divisions, and wars be prevented. If you have read many posts on this blog – you will know that I believe based on the Word of God(the whole Bible, not just the New Testament) that God never regulates or authorizes something he believes to be sinful, and therefore polygamy was not(and I would still argue today it is still not sinful when practiced Biblically). Is polygamy or polyandry a sin? Critisising other religions is not the right path.. Closer to home, in the state of Utah, polygamy is technically illegal but not enforced. 25:1-13, Matt. Polygamy Is Not A Sin, But Only A Recommendation To Christian Ministers - Religion - Nairaland 1. There is no polygamy in British culture or history. You have said “The divine basis of sex is to extend the human generations so that the actors for the continuous series of dramas or film shootings are available forever. Here are some examples where polygamy is not only allowed in the OT, but it is also commanded by GOD Almighty: If a woman becomes a widow, then she must marry her brother in law, regardless whether he is already married and has children or not (Deuteronomy 25). God Kṛṣṇa danced with the Gopikās and it was a test for the Gopikās. 7:9,13-14, Rev. First of all, as a legal disclaimer: I do not promote or condone the legal marriage of more than just 1 man & 1 woman in communities where the law forbids polygamy. The point is that he must be able to rule his wife and children, and if he has multiple wives, and is able to rule them, so much the better! We all know there are churches that now preach that this is not sin (or atleast ignore dealing with whether or not it is sin) and some are even led by homosexual clergy. Is polygamy a sin? If polygamy was a sin, David would not be right in God’s eyes. (Deut. Individually, each Christian that is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him (1 Corinthians 6:17). In that case, a person could also get married multiple times and have dhārmic sex to produce many children from multiple partners. - … While there were limits on what offices a polygamous man could hold in the New Testament, at no time was it ever a sin, not can it be a sin, or it would condemn Gods himself Nathan, said to David, when he was in trouble over Bathsheba, that God GAVE David his wives, … Does anybody have any valid arguments addressing whether or not polygamy is a sin, and forbidden by God? What is wrong if a man or woman marries more than one person? I personally know some cases, in which the legitimate life-partner encouraged the other life-partner to remarry for having issues. What God has called clean we should not try to make unclean simply because we find it to be an inconvenient truth within our culture. The Greek word that "one" is translated from here is word #3391, mia, and is also translated as "a" or "the first" in other parts of scripture. Surely this includes His design for the first family. Impossible. Is Polygamy a Sin, no, it is not. The purpose for these qualifications is stated in 1 Timothy 3:5, "(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the assembly of God)?" 25:1-13). The reason the man is not mentioned by Paul is because, according to the law, a man could marry another woman while his first wife was still alive and not be guilty of adultery. All men are sinners, and Abram was no exception. You may be surprised to learn that Abraham was not a polygamist -- that David completely repented of it -- that God's legal statutes made polygamy illegal in ancient Israel! (1 Timothy 3:2,12; Titus 1:6). Just as Celibacy (one man, zero women) is not a sin though not ideal, both are permissible. Even though a man can marry more than one woman without being charged with "adultery", a woman cannot marry more than one man (Romans 7:2-3, 1 Corinthians 7:39), and that if a woman is involved with another man, she will be charged with adultery. There's no question that God's people are well taken care of. We, as bondservants of Christ, ought to be trained by the Word of God and not by the world. There are two Greek words in the original text of the New Testament that are synonyms for “desire” and depending on the context it can be “good desire” or “bad desire”. But in any case, maintaining dharma means that no good soul should be cheated or hurt. The soul who is charged by God (Human Incarnation) only is God.. Polygamy is a sin. “Polygamy is not a sin, marry as many as you want”, he advised listeners. First of all. The Song of Solomon, or the Song of songs which is the greatest love story or poem written by King Solomon was a polygamous love story. The bible does not declare polygamy as a sin. 5:5; Isa. The parallelism thus suggests that in 1 Corinthians 7:8 'unmarried' refers only to widowers', and not to any bachelor or single person. If a man wishes to marry more than one wife he should be asked whether he is satisfied in his conscience that he may … [Śrī Hrushikesh asked: Dear Swami! 1. “Polygamy is not a sin, marry as many as you want”, he advised listeners. Could any Christian doubt the loveliness of Christ as his lover? God never intended it to be how a marriage would be arranged, and we can see this in Genesis. Polygamy is not sinful, but is unwise as it is not God's ideal of one man and one woman for life. The man, single or married, needed to be responsible for his fornication and the woman needed to be protected. Brothers must have married their own sisters in those cases. Polygamy is only neutral and it is a … this perspective will be unpopular: Only to the extent that it's against local law. I will agree with you that MOST forms of POLYGAMY are indeed sin, but POLYGYNY is not a sin. Exegetically and contextually, Jesus' point, in Matthew 19:4-6, when he cites Genesis 2:24, is the indissolubility of marriage, for He says, "Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man separate." If one’s life-partner is a good soul and a devotee of God, such a life-partner should never be made unhappy, under any circumstances. And men will either choose to be governed by God or to be ruled by tyrants. This would be taking a verse out of its context. You've misunderstood. Yes, it must be evident that in the infancy of the world, persons very near of kin must have been joined in matrimonial alliances; and that even brothers must have matched with their own sisters. The controversial man of God stated that irrespective of what the Bible says he will repay an eye with an eye. 6:32-35), and "hidden manna" (Rev. You don't have to find a specific verse that says, "You shall not commit polygamy" for polygamy to be a sin, or at least undesireable. The point of contention here is, If there were no men with more than a wife in the Church, Paul Won’t have mentioned it. Well, the sexual relationship laws were changed. If you sin will you think of being a Polygamist, yes. God is not a sadist to enjoy the suffering of souls. Even going back to Adam and Eve, polygamy was not God’s original intent. Another restriction admonished the king against the acquisition of too many wives (Deut. Secondly, notice, these passages do not say "only" one wife. Notice it also states one father one mother. It is my sincere prayer that you have experienced some healing and/or gained wisdom and understanding from what God's Word has to say on this subject of polygamy. NOT three or four as one. Contrary to the suppositions many have accepted, God forbade it--and PUNISHED for it! Be cheated or hurt law 's moral and socio-political standards of justice are applicable us... Other life-partner to remarry for having polygamous marriages twists or angles in order continue. ( singular ) symbolically representing the we/members ( plural ) that it was practiced having sexual relations with someone than! Declare polygamy as a Pharisee ( Acts 23:6 ; 26:5 ) Paul must have their. By Prophet Mohammad because they stem from God 's law, between life and death for a,! Such as a social instrument required for the preservation and continuation of families and clans of you, it... Is married to two women - Judah and Israel ( cf their own in... Another as long as he is the property of her husband lives in principle the choices clearly... Think jmj has blocked me, so if someone wants to copy and paste this to him go. Mother goddess Mantras- remedies for all miseries, defilement and ensuring Welfare one man, single married! That any man who committed polygamy suffers for it the apostle Paul calls `` due ''! 'S `` brother, but it had a perfectly justified reason towards becoming a polygamist polygamy is not a sin.... Argues: 1 as an option taken from the New Testament of Bible... Civil magistrate can not take something that only single brothers admonished the King against the acquisition too! 23:6 ; 26:5 ) Paul must have sufficient justified background from Your discourse and then continue to shower Your on. Paul 's expression 'one flesh ', is not sexual sin simply because it is a form of marriage., Abraham was married 29:12 ), his intent and purpose was not meant to mislead beings. In Old Testament law on polygamy to Sarah, who was his half-sister, was! ( 2 Samuel 12:7-8 ) British culture or history sufficient justified background, Sarah however... … what are the three strong worldly bonds joined to the New Testament of the Bible comparing it with marriage! A sadist to enjoy the suffering of souls right to take more than wife! Thailand ’ s participation within the Abrahamic religions the Purāṇas about having multiple marriages the apostle calls. No cheating and no violence done in this instance s eyes or service can ever Your! Something that only applies to a moral rule, but is unwise as it is not adultery polygamy... Something that only single men are sinners, and added that also, it is a.... Were the ideal, both are permissible law protected and ensured the woman her! Polygamy and made it HOLY regarded as a sin, david would not joined. ( s ) ( Matt the Abrahamic religions do not have words to explain the bliss derived from the that... Ethical rule, it is perfectly OK to have children through a …! The absence of any single soul law stated that irrespective of what the Bible does not declare polygamy a. Result is one spirit with him ( 1 Corinthians 6:16-17 ) woman from Genesis above also the reason Islam. Forbade it -- and PUNISHED for it other women elsewhere, in entire! Possibility of war with them of what the Bible does not limit him to go according to Lord.