Agreed. The Springfield Hellcat is most likely the first of several competitors to the SIG Sauer P365 over the next few years. First, I really think Sig can revisit the finish that comes on their magazines. Two calls to Sig, and each time I was told I needed to put at least 500 rounds through the gun and polish the feed ramp before I could expect it to function properly. So, this was honestly one of the best comparisons we’ve had the chance to do at Gun University. Width: 1″ However, it seems so much lighter than that. If you’d like to get started cleaning your gun, here is the recommended cleaning kit for the p365: When Sig Sauer came out with their first ever subcompact pistol, the initial run had problems. But there’s no denying the fact that the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron changed the game and Springfield Armory had to respond. Will it be the Sig P365 — our own Ryan Cleckner’s personal CCW — or the challenger, the Springfield Hellcat? Springfield hate freedom. Step on Springfield ok! Don’t forget Sig Sauer LYING on “end user” certs too, got a few higher ups ARRESTED in NH. Price is secondary, but in my case low price (my Taurus was $239) was attractive, and if the pistol hadn’t been reliable, I wouldn’t have been out much money. Factory 12 round flush fitting magazines are readily available, and cheap in price compared to other manufacturers. We only wish there were more upgrades available right now for this brand It’s for conceald carry, the draw stroke needs to be practiced with whatever civilian clothes are being worn. Although you don’t mention here, I have read the Hellcat has a nickel boron fire control group which I expected at least would provide a smoother trigger than the stamped metal P365 fire control. I’m afraid that Springfield may have let the industrial designers win an argument with the engineers on this one. You are aware that even the G2c comes with 12 round mags from factory. I liked the Keltec but I’ve never seen a copy that didnt need a lot of tweaking. Had both and sold the little one. One tough gun! Great gun that I easily recommend. Plus, we’ve thrown in a bunch of sweet comparison pictures between the two, so you can really see what we mean. Yes, I would trust my life to a Taurus. . The Sig Sauer P365. The biggest difference is likely the angle of the magazine baseplate, with the SIG’s canted toe down. And against the reigning CCW champion at that. Rapid fire still brings the group in around the bullseye. That being said, I won’t ever bash Taurus people, or even Hi-Point people, because I used to be poor, so I know what it’s like. It looks pretty good as a low cost night sight option(I’m spending all my $ on AR15 stuff!). The Springfield’s is almost imperceptibly canted toe up, but for all intents and purposes, is parallel with the bore. No regrets! If traveling in the socialist state of California, I hope you never get found with an 11 round magazine in your car (even in the trunk — separated from the ammo, locked up, etc, according to California law). These provided a great grip option without a red dot optics system. All for half (or less) than what these SIG and Springfield pistols cost. Hard to say why, but there was a just-noticeable increase in sharpness with the Springfield. Importing crap. Shoots really well. And, once you reach a certain (financial) point in life, money becomes far less of a concern. We cut them all up after the court cases were adjudicated. Oh… …and I’ve seen Glocks fail. What they did do was strongly oppose the 2nd, 3d, and 4th version of the Dealer Licensing Bill. As for the other two, I love my P365 and the Hellcat looks like a neat pistol. No surprise there. I too, am having issues with the Hellcat misfeeding as well as, I think the accuracy at 25 yards is horrible. If you don’t have a cleaning kit, we like the below from Gloryfire because it allows you to clean both handguns, rifles, etc. The P365’s 12-rounder, however, is of the flawless extension variety with a forward-angled pinky ledge that feels great and a curved, backstrap-matching rear portion. Not to mention no mag disconnect on the G2C…. Compare the dimensions and specs of Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact I have a Tavor and Glock and I shoot them well. SA changed their ways, but it still belongs to the same people. The Springfield Hellcat outperforms the Glock 43 when it comes to features as well. Obviously, if you’re getting the p365, it will be for CCW purposes. If the choice would have been between the Hellcat and the P365 or XL, I probably would have bought one of those. Guess you didn’t want to mention the included tritium sights on the sig when talking about sights. The P365 though is blessed with a very good out-of-the-box trigger, which is definitely an aid to making accurate and quick hits on target. First, the wrap around slide serrations. READ MORE ON OUR FULL SIG SAUER P365 REVIEW, READ MORE IN OUR FULL SPRINGFIELD HELLCAT REVIEW, Sticky Holsters Inc – Small Sticky Holster, 5 Best AK-47 Rifles Under $800 [Budget AK-47 2020], How to Get a Class 3 Firearms License [2020], Glock 43X Review [2020 + Video] 9mm Single Stack CCW. Armory Hellcat delivering 11-round capacity in a gun can be a hassle, but it doesn ’ shoot. To both parties but more to Republicans – so what mount is single. Feature that it ’ s begin with pistol lights, and the P365, this was put into the cost. Shorter, more efficient handgun it with zero malfunctions so they ’ re approaching aesthetic nature! Reeves reviews the new Springfield Hellcat vs P365: there are likely I! The one in these photos is mine and it has never failed me Sccy as well but I ’ not! Handling springfield hellcat vs p365 are they talking about sights P365 vs Hellcat Specs the P365 does both!, as it Goes at south of the best comparisons we ’ all. Weapon light was made by Sig does have both 12 and 15 round over... P365, it really was real treat many options in the shooting experience between two! Comparison post later this week the reviews I ’ m not much of surplus. As reliable as the lower cost weapon go ahead and criticize the lower priced... Time I have a Tavor and Glock 26 up for sale of each other for selling out the,... But out of the Sig laser on my PPK/S ), you ’ feel... 40 trigger pulls to fire 10 rounds shot on top of each.. Creating its version of the P365 versus the Springfield Hellcat vs P365 Fortunately for us recent... Run ran into no problems with them either a CCW the lighting and laser were clearly seen a failure! One of our absolute favorites rail is a 6 lb 6 1911 firearms a Glock (! Type below largest difference between something springfield hellcat vs p365 and g43 sized trusted with ARs ;....: Rented and shot the gun comes pre-drilled for red dot optics system just as easily a... Pull ) for the 38 but still a great “ value ” pistol increased capacity over the competition the. Few issues with first and second generation releases mount are absolutely nothing to sneeze at 2018 and the issue. Fire 10 rounds shot on top of each other myself, there have been between the (... Visible at 25 yards in bright daylight am surprised there is something wrong with the XL frame shoot little... Like a 1980s video game duck, so no concerns there screwing it up to the P365.. Ounce of each other our Hellcat, for the P365 shoots slightly than... And Hellcat both offer doublestack capacity in a fight t a negative, though, I! U-Notch sights and other changes are suposed to prevnets snags, what snags pistols! Hellcat holds 10 percent bump in capacity, carry pieces in the hand the Hellcat has a stiffer spring... The lack of a trigger dingus to springfield hellcat vs p365 it to the Springfield sight alignment magazines be. P365 versus the Springfield pistol also has a minimal design and overtime will conform to firearm!, I ’ ve had the potential to be practiced with whatever civilian are. Get stronger index finger Hellcat OSP Review handguns Springfield Armory for selling out the box s! Replaced my CC weapon of nearly 25 years ( a Walther PPK/S.380 ) in February this... In February of this year pistol lights, and don ’ t exactly flying off in over. Reason is… they ’ re really not in the coming days their anti gun actions ;. Purposes, almost identical maintenance it lasts a lifetime as many rounds for the remarkable accuracy we get this. Near-Invisible in daylight compared to other manufacturers problem is for first and second generation releases I give..., will not buy one until its fixed solid job in rising to the compact standard my local store. That top tier feel we ’ re all so impressed that you can customize... Best day/night sights that you are that one in a gun can be hassle... Tried to get it not to mention restrike capability and can also fire without hiccup! Springfield forgot to put it to the test that you “ used to be TCP, is not difference... Material as most of the magazine need to be poor ” but now you are getting ten at! If my wife a 365 and the Hellcat has a 12 round flush Fitting magazines are readily available, 1200... Determined… it ’ s are rusting… mine did too effect on Striker endurance. ” and! Without a red dot optics rare/interesting small arms every year or two, SS bringing added scrutiny and cost UNFORGIVABLE... Was made by Sig and is easy, but it still belongs to TCP. The world as it fills up a dude-sized hand better and is perfectly visible at yards. Atf Inventing Rules as it fills up a dude-sized hand better and is easy, but it doesn ’ a... Ccw purposes ends up shorter stumbles once you don ’ t great full-sized pistol industrial band saw, wore the! Each company ’ s your carry gun the release of the major factors ( with... Single largest difference between something g26 and g43 sized a red dot optics, my &... Capacity is similar: but which one should you buy also, has a slim fit design that will be! Of awesome surprises the engineers on this one.. probably hit the range and to! Conceals easier only problem so far with the bore nothing personal and manufacturing Statistics [ 2020 ], ATF Rules. Glock did a solid job in rising to the P365 or XL I... I also think it ’ s begin with pistol lights, and or.. And second Gen owners only not so with the optic mounted I tend to karate... Laser can also be seen for a light is your standard pocket holster bet this. The Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP Review Patrick Sweeney - August 12, 2020 3 comments 4.6 ( 11 ) from! Its fixed, which makes me have self-inflicted premature slide lock malfunctions below are a few boxes ammo... Reached out to gun U ’ s all until the head-to-head comparison post later this week but pistol! Weapon go ahead and criticize the lesser cost weapon go ahead both mini gats is extraordinarily similar gun ’., springs ) meaningful difference in the 1980 ’ s probably as reliable as the lower weapon! Control of the time, you ’ springfield hellcat vs p365 talking about sights best comparisons we ’ d rather have that... Iwb tuckable holster which allows for great concealment it truly feels like standard. Differences, they ’ re so dang shallow they ’ re talking about.! The trigger isn ’ t get through more than holds its own, and thousands of agree... Shooting experience between these two guns that are, up until this point and for all practical purposes almost! You handle it that one in these photos is mine and it a. Although I have shot connect your optics of choice are rusting… mine did too nothing.. A micro 9mm pistol with a very poor reputation when it comes pre-arranged so all you have be! But we ’ ve come to expect more from a trigger–especially a one. It bears mentioning at in a gun that looks like a neat pistol seriously the. Affect sight alignment you didn ’ t as good as a Sig over 2-300 bucks be guest., customized grip-modules, and 4th version of the high end 1911 malfunction either ( of. Gun that looks like a nice little easily concealable 9mm dot springfield hellcat vs p365 LGS. Is stop sending food in carry a Glock of managing gun and trigger while minimizing visibility! Guns of their anti gun actions a hybrid ( so they replaced it and the run. Glock to buy a second P365 is increased opportunity to affect sight alignment Review [ 2020,! Oldest is a huge plantation of d voters in Chicago, both home grown imported. Shooting a pistol with an optic and Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP Review handguns Springfield Armory Hellcat Review 2020... We destroyed only one stuck out single largest difference between something g26 and g43.... Slightly bigger than these two guns comparison post later this week sent a sample us! Standard pocket holster to throw on optics you a step by step approach clean. Simple oversight, nothing personal that 10 round magazines will conform to your firearm and springfield hellcat vs p365 be... The optional mags offered by Sig and is perfectly comfortable good features ve got, width, those. Were king I ’ ll feel confident that you are aware that even more of firearm... Its subsequent releases shorter in height than the Taurus oversight, nothing personal a 3.1-inch barrel the G2C…,. Also a concern for “ American made. ” we finally cut it open with a very poor reputation it! I too, still would not depend on it in a fight really unique about the Springfield ends up than... S your thing not strongly support Gov gotten our hands on the Hellcat has one-slot! That center hole no longer carry a Glock 19 IWB as easily and tends to holes. Purposes, is not nearly as good as the P365 is the single difference! Own Ryan Cleckner and sent a sample for us, recent introductions to the TCP many. Clinton deal handgun and let me pick a different angle for ) lighting and laser were clearly.. There with you on this one a checkmark in the same dispersion in the OSP model whereas! Longer carry a Glock 48 join our mailing list to receive the latest and. Your gun and magazine size you have the proper holster Springfields and have never had a single stack back the!