Deborah Russo Jameson, Ph.D.

Deborah Russo Jameson

Dr. Deborah Russo Jameson has a Ph.D. from UNH with concentrations in higher education leadership, disabilities studies and supervision in teacher education. She has over 20 years as a higher education academic administrator, serving as the founder and Associate Dean of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Hesser College (1992-2002), the founding Director of the Graduate Teacher Education Programs (GTEP) at Franklin Pierce University (2002-2012), and the Dean of Academic Affairs-online concurrent with the position of Dean of the School of Business at Daniel Webster College (April, 2012-present).  She also has significant experience in teaching, scholarship, and service and holds the rank of Associate Professor. She has a B. A. in English/Middle-Secondary Education, and a M.Ed. in Reading (K-12 Reading Supervisor). Her dissertation and publication in the Journal for College Reading and Learning was in the area of disabilities studies and was entitled “Self-Determination and Success Outcomes of Two-Year College Students with Disabilities.”