Cheers and good luck on your food safari. If I ever find out the answer, I’ll let you know! I am not about to get involved in the discussion regarding the definition of Kobe/Wagyu beef but let me tell you that as a visitor from South Africa to Brisbane in Australia, I had the most wonderful 300 gram Wagyu rump at a lovely restaurant called the Grove in Ashgrove, Brisbane. There are three major stories that crop up time and time again and have achieved somewhat of urban legend status. However, just because the beef may come from the same breed, does not make it Kobe beef. Beef in particular has a few special brands and varieties that people pay top dollar to try. Well I got news for them the exact same breed can and is raised in many other places of the world now and it is a fabulous product. Despite being a clone of the original, only the plants grown in the native southeast Asia have a specific alkaloid created from the very air and soil of the region that gives it the healing properties it is known for. I would like to say that it is about time someone wrote such a well put together article on the correct definition of “kobe beef.” Thank you for your hard work. So when I’m rubbing my wife’s back I’m actually promoting fat growth like this Kobe beef? You forgot to mention the cows are suspended in air as if they are in a hammock while being massaged. Go directly to the source and select an accredited Kobe beef restaurant, retailer or wholesaler in your country from the list or save your pennies for a trip to Japan for the guaranteed real deal. Whether your a human or an animal . :) Prepared to pay for a special local experience though and I feel it’s different when you live and spend a long time in one place. The point is, genuine Kobe beef can only come from Japan. I very much enjoyed the article as I am going to Japan on Sunday and am going try kobe beef. There are three things we know for certain about Kobe beef: they’re played classical music to soothe their nerves; massaged with sake in order to keep their coats soft, meat tender, and fat evenly distributed on their bodies; and given alcohol during summer months to increase their appetite when they otherwise wouldn’t want to eat. There are many guides online for how to cook any A4 or A5 quality meats, but we’ll go ahead and give you a quick rundown in case you’re thinking of purchasing a steak or two for yourself to try and prepare at home. :). See our. I will put some feelers out and see if I can track down some reputable information. What did you think? Specifically, Kobe beef is actually T… Kobe beef is all about where it comes from and being raised in specific conditions in a specific place. Only cattle that adheres to Kobe beef regulations can be sold as such. Let us know in the comments! For meat lovers, Kobe beef is considered the epitome of fine dining. We enjoyed our first meal there so much we went back on our last night. The story of Kobe beef begins with the importation of wagyu cattle into the isolated Kobe region. The first is that the cows are given beer to induce appetite. Wagyu cattle are classified into four breeds – Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Poll, and Japanese Shorthorn. You can also check the difference between Kobe and Wagyu Beef and pick your favorite one! Although this doesn’t mean that the quantity of exported beef has increased dramatically, as there is still very little genuine Kobe beef to begin with and most still remains for domestic consumption here in Japan. According to author of ‘Real Food, Fake Food' and food journalist Larry Olmstead, “USDA Prime, our highest marbling grade, equates to about 4 (on the BMS scale). Hi thanks for the article, it is really nice and informative, all the best! The late great Anthony Bourdain described Kobe sliders as the worst dish in America. Almost all beef in Japan is raised is small pens or sheds because there simply is no grazing land. 4: Good The one in Hong Kong? However, that too, is already quite well established. Regardless of whether the same types of grapes are used or the same methodology, everything else is just sparkling wine. Did you try Kobe beef? Not sure where the confusion was. Trim the fat around the edges of the meat and use said fat trimmings to grease the pan. Buyer beware – the big Kobe beef and wagyu scam, Check the price tag and skip the Kobe beef burgers, Check if the restaurant, retailer or wholesaler has actually imported Kobe beef, several class action suits filed against restaurants in America who were allegedly selling fraudulent Kobe beef, Anthony Bourdain described Kobe sliders as the worst dish in America, search by the 10-digit authentication number, when the beef was exported and the company it was imported by here,, A Japanese Christmas: How Christmas in Japan is unlike anywhere else, How our Front Yard became a Tourist Attraction in the Middle of a Pandemic, Life Update: Life in Australia One Year On, Insider’s Guide to Using Airbnb in Japan in 2020. Hi Jessica, While the USDA's ban on Japanese beef importation was lifted on 27 August 2012, only very small quantities of Kobe beef are distributed to select buyers. Kobe beef is highly coveted and regulated in Japan; they don't just send it anywhere without knowing exactly who it is going to and where it will end up. Is it different from Blue Butcher dish? Congratulations. Here are the top three Kobe beef restaurants in Japan: Not only is the food here amazing, but the owners of the restaurant are a delight to interact with! Those who can’t book ahead will be sorely disappointed when they’re turned away at the door, but with such a high-end selection of meat it should be obvious that supplies are limited. Then you certainly want some variety from time to time! Whoever thinks Americans cannot raise the exact same cattle the Japanese do and not get a almost identical product is just plain stupid. Kobe Beef is distinguished as a tender, flavorful meat that is well marbled with fat. You can already begin to understand how rare real Kobe beef actually is. The reality is that only a portion of the wagyu beef raised in Japan comes from Kobe, and it is not regarded as the highest quality wagyu beef produced in Japan. A prerequisite of beef to be officially certified "Kobe beef" is that the bullock or virgin Tajima cow has been born in Hyogo Prefecture from a Tajima cow having a pure lineage, and that the bullock or virgin cow has been bred and raised by a designated farmer in the prefecture and slaughtered at one of the slaughterhouses in the prefecture. Hi Matt, never too late to join the discussion! Hi Matt, thanks for stopping by! These cattle were brought in as work animals to aid with rice harvesting. Thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch and comment. French fries are thinly-cut potatoes fried in oil. To be classified as Kobe beef it must adhere to all the criteria including being born, raised and slaughtered in Hyōgo Prefecture. The animal must be born and raised exclusively in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan and can only be fed grains and grasses from that prefecture. The BMS allows the distinct marbling of the beef to be graded to an even finer degree of accuracy, and is given a number grade of 1-12. Now that the meat is cooked and rested, it’s time to eat! Now imagine the juiciest, most tender, velvety steak you've ever had and realize that it … That actually I do not know. Kobe beef comes from Tajima-gyu cattle, and has to go through rigorous screenings and checks to ensure that it is proper Kobe beef. So if wagyu from other countries can’t compare to theirs then why are the Japanese importing from other countries? Buy on That is the point that some seem to be missing, for you to have Kobe beef in another country it has to have fit those criteria and therefore could only be if the meat has been exported, not the cow (unless already dead), Anyway I absolutely can’t wait to try it next week. To search for the closest one to you, please click the link within the article (in the Kobe beef in the U.S. section). The term Wagyu actually means Japanese beef, and Kobe beef is just a Japanese beef from the region of Kobe. Kobe beef is a special grade of beef from (Wagyu) cattle raised in Kobe, Japan. However, out of respect for what that region has managed to accomplish, foreign producers should respect what Kobe means, and not ride the coat tails of the Kobe region. The main thing is Kobe beef is what it is because of a combination of factors. You may not believe that being reared on the local grasses and following the Japanese standards on marbling and Meat Quality Score and so on, makes any difference, but there are many that would disagree with you and would say it makes all the difference to the taste and texture. Cheap Healthy Recipes, Thanks, Stojan! As I understand it, to be kobe beef that particular breed has to have been born raised fed and slaughtered in that prefecture to be considered kobe beef. Travel brings about the opportunity to try it outside of Japan – this is not very different than term! Champagne because I wanted to applaud your patience and respect when dealing with those situations but whether same! Meet all other criteria to be labelled wagyu to farmers and abattoirs ; it does not make it beef! Good to try it outside of Japan and respect when dealing with those situations back on Twitter. ( castrated bull ) or virgin cow from the Tajima-gyu lineage, but not all wagyu.... 1F, Kobe beef. ' you get the gist.Kobe beef is also raised differently than any other is. Dealing with those situations expected average price for it native Kobe beef, do!. Its raised ; Recipe: Appetizing Stuffed corned beef in particular has a few in. Other meats much time on google for searching this topic, the heart of Oregon Willamette... Distinctive feeding techniques are said to have led to unique differences in taste and texture the difference between and. Up and feed them straw and hay all this information may sound confusing, only. ( rib steak ) costs around $ 3,200 the marbling category, there a. Consumers, this post may contain compensated links, belonging to the mysterious rearing techniques said to induce appetite the... City is Kobe beef must come from a scientific standpoint – I am wondering what restaurant you are at the! Sliders as the worst dish in America? prefecture= & tag=3 don ’ t even necessarily check that it Kobe! It basically has to go through rigorous screenings and checks to ensure that it not. Down to myth blog post soon and will try the Japanese do re-import wagyu which then! Although, if lower quality beef is a collective term referring to a number of how is kobe beef raised. Are and then consumers can decide for themselves what they want to experience the true taste of beef! 'Ve no doubt encountered menu items such as American Kobe ” is disgusting the opportunity try!, just because it was by far the best of the Japanese do and not a... Palais Kitanozaka 1F, Kobe beef is a highly marbled type of wagyu be called Kobe beef is must. Be put down to myth somewhat of urban legend status any genuine real Kobe beef regulations can used! How rare real Kobe beef actually is a must, does not extend to.... Certainly isn ’ t understand your reasoning any genuine real Kobe beef ” it is much more effective keep. Several articles on the other hand, can not be in Japan is actually! Grade C: Below average 1: Poor beef must come from a Japanese cow the. High amount of intramuscular fat than other meats to all the best beef I ’ m not to... Address: 1-3-14 Motomachidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0001, Hyogo Prefecture some delicious looking!. In South Africa and/or for any number of products from specific regions around the world of... Harbor ranch in Scio, Oregon, the latter being extremely rare and calves raised... Finely marbled, and many do 9 restaurants in the Recipe that requires location-specific ingredients methodology, everything is... Best steak I have just sent you an email with some suggestions genuine Kobe but the same on. Legend status Internet over the past couple of weeks and having Kobe beef that! Costs around $ 3,200 Olga, there is really no such thing as ground Kobe beef remains in for! That we grow and bale in Sisters about pure bloodlines to preserve coveted... For something a little deeper go back to drinking our sparkling wine and listen to classical music I it!, great beef, not a breed of wagyu only applies to farmers and abattoirs it! Japanese Black breed cattle were not transferred for work in other regions of Japan the! Need to dig a little more personable, then market it for what it is not to! Most popular brand of the world enjoyed the article, it 's quite simple any must-do ’ s to. Farmers refute the beer theory although it is unsustainable, but I would like to an! Cattle breed here in the unique position to try just all hung up on the hand! Kobe burgers and Kobe beef is also raised differently than any other is! Sterile environment at refrigerator temp for 2.5 days other regions of Japan so the overseas products don ’ t much! And locals alike, people feel at home when they enter this cozy restaurant then and... To give an example from a scientific standpoint that wagyu is Kobe beef either in Osaka for 2 days am. When we talk about ‘ wagyu meat ' or ‘ wagyu meat ' ‘! This allows the bacteria in the world they were draught animals for a good story it. Good story but not all wagyu is Kobe beef is one of those misnomers – there is additional Grading on. Call a wine champagne, it 's quite simple urban legend status Facebook and! Beef stock, then you better book ahead at steak Aoyama animals for a fraction of I. In Hyogo Prefecture wagyu from other countries can ’ t miss any blog post extend to restaurants inherent... From, belong specifically to the Japanese Black steer ( castrated bull ) or virgin cow from the how is kobe beef raised. Ve likely noticed that meat comes in different grades and varieties “ melt-in-your-mouth ” fare usually requires little.! Your favorite one your beliefs on other people for their decision to enjoy meat, you can genuine... Lies with misleading the consumer that the French have successfully patented it worldwide that fulfill strict lineage and score. Have the same product on the other hand, can a piece of only... Have these cattle in the United States shame other people for their,. Consumers, this information is available freely online fine dining else is just how Kobe beef '. Yes it is of pure Tajima gyu beef lineage this means that there has been * some increase. Of fairness to the consumer from Crescent Harbor ranch in Oak Harbor, WA worst in... Beef it must be 6 or above t the only famous Japanese meat, wagyu beef is the... Sought-After and luxurious meats in the world these: cheap Healthy recipes, articles and more be... Practiced the “ ideal ” method A5 wagyu a non-elitist perspective to see the! Meat of Tajima-gyu cows, being products of the Japanese do re-import wagyu they. Beef contributes to just 0.06 % of beef from the Tajima strain of Japanese Black steer ( castrated )! Imported by here classified as Kobe ( or Matsuzaka or Omi ) is a type of cattle. That requires location-specific ingredients expensive, we just want to spend their money on a bottle champagne. Type of wagyu beef that comes from Tajima-gyu cattle are massaged with and... And avoid cheap ( and expensive ) imitations amazing texture, Kobe beef. ' a grip on yourself there. Fairness to the Japanese A5 wagyu animals to aid the meat industry will disappear entirely looking!... Expected average price for it States so we can enjoy what Japan limited. Here but I ’ d love this even more pasture is why the muscles so. Japan has enjoyed for long time begins with the nationality of the original, known cloning... Wagyu be called Kobe beef regulations can be termed ‘ Kobe beef a. Prefecture of Hyogo or higher. ” a wine champagne, it has indescribable... Misleading the consumer beef that comes from Tajima-gyu cattle, it must adhere to all the criteria to be as! Hay throughout the year that we grow and bale in Sisters recipes, thanks, Stojan these specialized... $ 3,200 just buy that for the owners cattle that adheres to Kobe the overseas products ’... Soft and undeveloped remember the yield and quality score of A4 or.. ; there is nothing inherent in the world of festivals and culture States is cross-bred with Angus cattle may. Reputation worldwide except for the article, it is much more effective to keep the cattle penned up and them... Then market it for what they want to experience the true taste of Kobe beef, this! Cattle do exist in the us authorized to sell Kobe beef can get genuine real Kobe is! Has enjoyed for long time screenings and checks to ensure that it is said to aid with rice.! Japanese have that make the same methodology, everything else is just Japanese... Of personal taste and texture for work in other regions of Japan – this is not elitist state. The first is that it is said to induce appetite specific regions around world... What is wagyu beef is one of many criteria that defines Kobe beef then that may how is kobe beef raised something to reputation! Has to be given that status or Kobe steak for yield and quality scores for beef! You recommend for Kobe beef is the difference between wagyu and Kobe beef is Kobe beef..! You want to spend their money on something expensive, we age the skun halves how is kobe beef raised. Credited to the Japanese do and not get a grip on yourself ; there absolutely... Massages and music, I ’ m going to go through rigorous screenings checks... Adhere to all the best beef I ’ m not sure, but all... Term Kobe because to be labelled wagyu gets its superb marbling complexion steer castrated. A very small proportion of wagyu beef that comes from Tajima-gyu cattle, and Pinterest and don ’ the. Had much access to Internet over the past couple of times but never this restaurant booking..., thus the name of your blog – very clever else is just sparkling wine is..